Book 1 in the Georgia Night Series

Crystal Ball

Laney Kay 2019

When Daisy Monroe accidently pins her philandering husband’s testicle and left leg between her car and the garage wall, her ordinary life takes a turn for the weird. Before she knows it, she’s been arrested, she’s divorced, she’s under attack by the national paparazzi, and she’s sworn off men for the rest of her life.  

So, when college buddy Luke Mathis reappears in Daisy’s life, the last thing she wants is a relationship.  But as they become friends, and then friendship becomes love, Daisy has to decide whether having a relationship is worth risking her heart.  With the help of her best girlfriends, she finally decides that love doesn’t have to end in heartbreak, and that taking a chance on the right man isn’t a risk at all.


When your life falls apart, it’s your best girlfriends who help you put it back together.  In Crystal Ball, Daisy realizes that even your biggest fears, such as getting naked in front of a new man when you’re over forty, can be faced when you don’t have to do it alone.

Book 2 in the Georgia Nights Series

Sloppy Seconds

Laney Kay 2019

After her husband’s sudden death and her resulting broken heart, Bella Varnedoe swore off relationships forever and dedicated herself to her career and occasional casual dates.

When she and her high school boyfriend decide to reunite for a fun, no-strings weekend at their high school reunion, Bella soon realizes that she may have bitten off more than she could chew.  She’s perfectly happy to be friends with occasional benefits, but Jack doesn’t want her for a weekend, he wants her for forever.

What do you do when you’re comfortable with your life and aren’t ready to take another chance ?  Bella has already put her life back together once before, and now, with the help of her friends, she has to decide if a second chance at love is worth the risk of another broken heart.

Book 3 in the Georgia Nights Series

A Huge Mistake

Laney Kay 2019

Lola Prentiss is having a bad week.  When her least favorite client hands her a mysterious flashdrive at the same game where her beloved Bulldogs lose the National Championship, Lola knows her week isn’t going to get better.  Soon, her client turns up dead, strangers are breaking into her house and office, and Lola knows she needs some help.

Jake Morrow has it all together.  His corporate security business is thriving and he’s far too busy growing his business to have a relationship.  But once Lola crashes into his orderly world, everything changes.  For both of them.

Is Lola in danger, or is this all a huge mistake? As they try to untangle the mess that has become her life, he struggles to keep her safe and she struggles to keep her distance.

Can Jake convince her that the only way for them to have a future is for her to move on from her painful past?  And is Lola willing to take the risk?