By Laney Kay

Crystal Ball

A Fiction Novel

When Daisy Monroe accidently pins her philandering husband’s testicle and left leg between her car and the garage wall, her ordinary life takes a turn for the weird. Before she knows it, she’s been arrested, she’s divorced, she’s under attack by the national paparazzi, and she’s sworn off men for the rest of her life.  

So, when college buddy Luke Mathis reappears in Daisy’s life, the last thing she wants is a relationship.  But as they become friends, and then friendship becomes love, Daisy has to decide whether having a relationship is worth risking her heart.  With the help of her best girlfriends, she finally decides that love doesn’t have to end in heartbreak, and that taking a chance on the right man isn’t a risk at all.

When your life falls apart, it’s your best girlfriends who help you put it back together.  In Crystal Ball, Daisy realizes that even your biggest fears, such as getting naked in front of a new man when you’re over forty, can be faced when you don’t have to do it alone.

Laney Kay

I’m so lucky to be able to do what I love…

I’ve always wanted to write, but figured that’s what I’d do when I retired.  Then life happened.  After 28 years as a professional speaker, my voice gave out, so my plans moved up.  (Who knew you could wear that sucker out!)  And now I am finally living the life I dreamed of…writing stories at home, in my underwear, with a bucket of coffee, and a dog in my lap.  Life is good.


Things you may not know about me…

I was dancing on a speaker in a bar when I was 21 and met a man who eventually became my husband.  We’ve now been married over 30 years and live in Georgia with our two rescue dogs.

I hang out with the same big group of friends I’ve had since high school and college.

I have a law degree from University of Georgia, but only practiced law for two and a half months.  As you can imagine, my parents were thrilled with that decision.  Then I got a Masters in Public Health.  Bottom line, I’m extremely over-educated for pretty much everything.  But I can totally kick ass on any trivia game.

I’m not much of a traveler.  Traveling for work for 27 years can take the fun out of airports!  But I do love short trips out of town and once a year, we always go to one out of town Georgia game.

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