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Coping with Caretaking:  It ain’t for sissies…

Laney Kay, JD, MPH

Anyone who’s ever taken care of an aging parent knows that caretaking can be incredibly rewarding, but it also can be incredibly difficult.  In fact, sometimes it just sucks.

We all have the same problem:  If you’re a person with a job and a family and other responsibilities, how do you balance your needs with those of everyone else? 

This book is for anyone who’s tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed and constantly fighting feelings of guilt and inadequacy.  This book can help. It’s full of helpful hints, stories, and information that will (hopefully) make your life as a caretaker a little easier.  If you’ve ever reached the limits of your energy and patience and you need something to make your life a little easier, this book’s for you. If nothing else, it’s always nice to be reminded that you’re not alone in your struggles.

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