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OSHA/HIPAA Update 2017 – Online Course

2017 Osha/HIPPA Update

Here's Laney's current OSHA and HIPAA Update for certification online. This class satisfies the annual OSHA training requirement, provides a HIPAA update, and gives new disease and infection control information. There are also some fabulous checklists to help you get into compliance! TAKE THIS COURSE ONLINE  $69.00 – CLICK HERE to REGISTER! –


Holiday Inn Roswell – November 11, 2016

Holiday Inn Roswell 909 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Roswell

We’ll review all the OSHA rules and do an overview of HIPAA requirements, focusing on the most common situations we encounter. We will also take a look at various situations offices have gotten in trouble for with HIPAA and how we can possibly avoid making the same mistakes. Of course, we’ll also cover infection control requirements and the newest disease information to satisfy OSHA’s annual training requirements.