I’m so lucky to be able to do what I love…

I’ve always wanted to write, but figured that’s what I’d do when I retired.  Then life happened.  After 28 years as a professional speaker, my voice gave out, so my plans moved up.  (Who knew you could wear that sucker out!)  And now I am finally living the life I dreamed of…writing stories at home, in my underwear, with a bucket of coffee, and a dog in my lap.  Life is good.


Things you may not know about me…

I was dancing on a speaker in a bar when I was 21 and met a man who eventually became my husband.  We’ve now been married over 30 years and live in Georgia with our two rescue dogs.

I hang out with the same big group of friends I’ve had since high school and college.

I have a law degree from UGA, but only practiced law for two and a half months.  As you can imagine, my parents were thrilled with that decision.  Then I got a Masters in Public Health.  Bottom line, I’m extremely over-educated for pretty much everything.  But I can totally kick ass on any trivia game.

I’m not much of a traveler.  Traveling for work for 27 years can take the fun out of airports!  But I do love short trips out of town and once a year, we always go to one out of town Georgia game.

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